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1 kg snails

1 cup of red wine

½ a cup of flour

1 cup of olive oil

Some rosemary

Salt & pepper


We put the olive oil in the pan and let it boil. Meanwhile we dip the snails in the flour and salt them. After that we put them in the pan with the opening of their shell facing down and let them cook for 3-4 minutes. We will understand the minute they are ready when they stop making the "tweeting" noise (the noise that makes when something is being fried in a pan). Then we add the rosemary, some salt and pepper and stir lightly for 2 minutes. After that we quench the meal with the red wine and leave the snails inside the pan for some minutes in order for all the ingredients to mix...and we are ready to serve a delicious meal. This kind of recipe is usually served in a deep platter that can include all the sauce and juices that come out of the pan.

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