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Kapasnails is a family business of breeding and marketing snails as well as providing services and support around the snails farming business. With personal work and focusing on all the necessary hygiene rules, people of Kapasnails breed and promote snails for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, we are next to every new farmer that wants our help, by providing consulting services.

Kapasnails is guided by scientific staff that consists of people with high level of knowledge around snails farming and people who work with passion on the breeding process. We follow up-to-date breeding protocols, ensuring high quality products.

The company also specializes in breeding and selling brood stock (snails that are mature enough in order to start the mating process). We have improved the brood stock production protocols and based on our experience and expertise, we supply the new snails-farmer with brood stock for a proper and dynamic start of their farm.

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