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1 kg snails​

1/2 kg spinach

1/2 a bunch of dill

1 cup of olive oil

2 large onions

3 cloves of garlic

Tomato sauce (approximately 3 grated tomatoes)

Salt & pepper


Inside a pot we put the oil and sauté the onions. We wash the spinach, cut it in small pieces and add it in the pot along with some water. When we see the spinach is starting to get cooked we add the snails, the tomato sauce, the dill and the garlic. After that we add salt and pepper and cook the meal in low heat. During the cooking the lid of the pot should be open in order for the water to be evaporated and to be able to check when our recipe is ready. Instead of spinach someone can use any kind of greens with the same cooking procedure. Alternatively the spinach and the snails can be cooked separately and not in the same pot as mentioned above and served together.

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