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snails net housesOur farm is located in Kapandriti and our offices in Agios Stefanos, both approximately one hour away from Athens. The area where the farm is located is environmentally protected, so snails grow in an ideal, clean environment.

In an area of about 10.000m2 we have constructed closed farms (net houses), where the snails are being bred. The net-houses are completely closed, preventing the entry of any intruder. snails professional weather stationThey are covered with shade net and wire, which come and go willingly depending on the weather. In the perimeter of each net-house, metal sheets have been fitted 40cm into the ground to prevent the slightest chance of invasion by enemies of the snail.
A modern automatic watering system complements our facilities and provides the necessary moisture. The values of temperature, moisture, wind, rainfall etc, are being monitored by a professional weather station that is located in the farm. Thus, we know at any moment, the conditions under which we are breeding our snails.  Moreover, the data storage of all years and the collection and processing of statistical data makes our work more professional and allows us not to leave anything to chance, making the necessary improvements where and when it is necessary.

snails automatic watering systemFinally, two of the biggest advantages of our facilities, and therefore of the breeding process, is the quality of the soil and the water. Tests have shown high quality soil and water that contribute to the good breeding conditions.