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One of the fundamental values ​​of Kapasnails and its executives is to contribute to the progress of our society. From our perspective, we can help in promoting and improving the snails-farming business. So we cooperate with the Institute of Agricultural Sciences (www.ige.gr) and offer to the students of the "Snails Farming" course free visits to our farm. This way the students have the opportunity to see the work that has to be done inside a net-house and also to talk with the Kapasnails staff and ask them any questions around the breeding of snails. We believe that the sector of ​​snails-farming in Greece is at a very early stage and the only way to move forward is to cooperate and exchange views.

In the future we are planning to expand our activities by offering complete seminars-workshops for new or existing breeders of snails with emphasis on practical training. For more info stay tuned in our website and social media.